Andrew Day - Piano Tuner & Technician


Piano Services

Full tuning and repairs serviceFull tuning & repairs service
A full tuning and repairs service is available with pianos always tuned to concert pitch (where possible), and any minor repairs are undertaken. This could be anything from a broken string to a sluggish note. Your piano at some point may need regulating, which can generally be carried out on site.

It is important to keep your piano tuned on a regular basis, twice a year being ideal to maintain it's pitch and to help keep it in general good working order.

Further details on looking after your piano can be found on the Pianoforte Tuners' Association website, which you can access via our Links page.

I will travel anywhere on the Isle of Wight as well as on occasions to the Portsmouth, Southampton and Lymington areas. (Mainland calls are subject to a different pricing structure and availability).

Overhauls and Inspections
Overhauls and inspectionsAt some point, your piano may require further attention. It may need to be completely overhauled or more complex work carried out that cannot be done on site. In such cases arrangements can be made for the piano or necessary parts to be moved to a suitable location locally or a specialised workshop for the work to be undertaken. Being part of the Pianoforte Tuners’ Association means I have contacts across the country.

As a musician, I take pride in offering you work to the highest standards so that you can get the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from your piano.

If you are unsure about your piano's condition, an inspection can be arranged. Please contact me for further details.